Unseen Intimacy

The jewellery and the food in peoples fridges. One we see on a daily basis but may not often know the story or history behind, the other we rarely see, but is just as personal as the former. 

Ring, was maternal grandmothers, had a lot of custom jewellery from ballet days. Inherited due to love of big rings, "it make me think of her and ballet." Loves to wave hand around while wearing it

Necklace, The cross, you wear this from when you’re baptised and ever onward. “Baptised” /chrismation/confirmation due to converting from Catholicism to orthodox. 2016. Bought in Minsk at a church saw it after a few weeks and thought that this was the one. 

London, Nepal, Gifts, Sri Lanka, Philippines and Laos. Buys whilst travelling 

dads friend gave for baptism, really big until she could wear it which was 2 years ago. Always in her mum’s jewellery box. She kept it safe. Brother sold all mums jewellery when he was 15. This was kept separately and wasn’t stolen. Never met the friend of her dads.

grandma gave her as she’s old and sick. Determined to die it’s in the diary. She’s tired. Led a happy life. She gave her the necklace so she as something from her for always. When she was 18 you got a cross necklace from grandmas sister but she lost it. Grandma remembered that and gave her this one and said “don’t lose this one”. Showed her dad that she got given it, over dinner and he had tears in his eyes. He never gets emotional, and he said she wore this her entire life. She got it when she was 20. Now she’s 95

2 stone, tested by a mineral expert at the museum she used to work at Moonstone is a cancer stone. Birthday present to herself. From a place she normally goes to look at rings. Estonian. 

Same shop, few years before.

30th birthday present from Laura, woman with a deer; personal representation. Keep on cinderella’ing 

Fathers old ring gifted after a holiday spent looking to buy one

Grandfathers old ring, handed down from their father

Medusa, originally pierced around 2015 it has now migrated into the lip and remains unable to be removed unless cut out. 
Septum is awaiting nicer jewellery but is 10 years old. Only wearing gold/gold plated in it.