Not a Number

These images are part of an ongoing project that I am working on.

Not Just a Number is a reflective piece of work about immigration and its impact on the hospitality industry in Sweden. The main focus will be in Gothenburg to start, but hopefully I will be able to cover a greater range of cities in the future. 
Having been born and raised in London, I worked and lived in a massively multicultural society and within the hospitality industry, and saw varying waves of immigration from all over the world and Europe. I have since left London to start a new life in Sweden and the views surrounding immigration feels much more acrid.
The focus on the service and hospitality industry is due to it being the most populated industry for non nationals to work in or to start working in. Having been one of the people who sought out a job working in this industry when I myself moved here, I can see first hand the impact that we as immigrants have. 
I hope my project will bring to light some of the problems immigrants are faced with in the workplace and how they are funnelled into certain jobs and seemingly unable to work in others.