Det finns ingen drottning här heller.

We as a species are reactionary. We don’t plan much in advance, we react to issues as and when they happen. Bees are the same. If a queen dies in the colony, the bees sense the lack of pheromones and work quickly to establish larvae substitutes. They feed them royal jelly until one hatches and takes over the colony. If they don’t do this, the colony will die.

We see this echoed across our species, time and time again. The current pandemic, economic crises and the looming climate crisis, one thing we directly symbiote with bees because without the bees, there will be no humans.
The chain reaction is slight but deadly. A delicate balance hangs between us.
So the queens must survive for the colonies to survive, for us to survive.

Det finns ingen drottning här heller was a phrase uttered under one of the beekeepers breath while checking one hive he thought was alive. He found no queen and the bees weren’t quick enough or strong enough as a colony to replace her. He’ll never know the exact reason why they died, but the outcome was clear enough that it didn’t matter.

My project presents the people who take it upon themselves to become beekeepers, keeping bees alive and in the process, keeping all of us alive too.

We are the bees of the invisible. We gather the honey of the visible in order to store it in the great golden hive of the Invisible.
- Rainer Maria Rilke 1925.